About Maddalena

Maddalena Vineyard Brands is a fully-functional wholesale distributor and importer of fine wine and spirits throughout California with specific focus on the Southern California market.  Established in 1983, our team spans nearly 30 years of professional regional distribution experience.  We have well-established relationships with all major on-premise and off-premise licensees including all regional and statewide retailers and regional on-premise licensees.  This highly personal and relationship-based approach is the core of our business.

We are wholly owned and operated by the Riboli Family of San Antonio Winery, one of the longest operating family-owned wineries in California, established in 1917.  This top-tier distributor has been built upon on our 95 years of experience in wine production, marketing and selling of wine and spirits in California.


Over 2,500 broadmarket on-premise and off-premise accounts, including all major retail and specialty food chains.